Come See Our Kids Coding Projects Sunday in Los Altos

Come See Our Kids Coding Projects Sunday in Los Altos

Hard to believe another school year is coming to a close!

The Breakout Mentors students have made a ton of progress learning how to code and creating exciting projects. Every year we do a showcase event, similar to a science fair, that is a lot of fun.

You are invited to our event this Sunday at 12:30 in Los Altos. Grab a ticket here.

From a 10 Year-Old Girl to 14 Year-Old Boy

There will be a wide range of presenters across age, gender, and coding languages.

For example a 10 year-old girl will be presenting her Scratch drag-and-drop coding projects after just a couple months with a mentor. The most experienced student is 14 years old and has worked with Breakout Mentors for several years. He will present a checkers game in Java as well as a location-based mobile application.

It is very powerful for kids to see what is possible if they stick with coding!

Limited Availability

With summer right around the corner, our availability is quickly filling up. If you are interested in creating a private 1 week camp, there are still a couple weeks in July and one in August available.

We start with new weekly students year-round as well, but don’t guarantee a start-date. We put a lot of effort into pairing each student with the right mentor, so the earlier you get on the list the better. The only way to sign up is to contact Breakout Mentors Founder Brian Skinner.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 15 May