Do Adults Unknowing Limit Kids’ Ability by Underestimating Them?

For simplicity sake, adults clump children together by age and set expectations of what a student of a given age should be able to accomplish. “He reads at a 5th grade level.” But do expectations limit the potential growth of students that have the potential to far exceed these expectations?

Our set expectations for the common subjects may be destructive, but hard to avoid. Reading, writing, and arithmetic have been taught the same way for years. But creating, science, and computers have potential to be subjects that do not limit a student according to adult expectations.

The short blog post “We Consistently Underestimate Kids” includes an example of a 7 year-old boy that obviously doesn’t know the limitations of what a 7 year-old should be able to accomplish. Here is the video of the boy explaining the video game he made [if you’re reading in email, click here to view]:

Computer programming is an excellent way to let your child learn at his or her own pace with no boundaries. Many kids have a natural curiosity and excitement in bringing their ideas to life on a computer screen. There aren’t set levels of what a 10 year-old should be able to accomplish. And there is almost no limit to how much they can learn. Contact us to learn how was can help.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 30 Aug