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The Personalized Approach for Kids Learning to Code

Every student is unique and our team of 1-on-1 programming mentors personalize their approach for each student's interests and abilities!


Breakout Mentors Goes Beyond Tutoring

There are plenty of ways for kids to learn to code. How is Breakout Mentors different?

Each child is carefully matched with a Computer Science student at Stanford, UC Berkeley, or Santa Clara University by personality and interests

Personalized approach for each student, not one size fits all

Project-based learning with no limit on how far students can go

The Top 5 Resources for Kids Learning to Code (Hint: They Aren't All on the Computer)

Learning to code doesn’t have to be through a traditional online tutorial or summer camp …


Free Phone Consultation

Is your son or daughter interested in learning to program? Not sure of the best next step? Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with a kids coding expert!

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