How Kids of VCs and Startup Founders Learn to Code

The job of VCs and startup founders is to predict the future. Or maybe even create it.

What do they know that you don’t?

How do they raise their kids differently than everyone else?

The Importance of Coding

The 21st century is built on code.

This is obvious when using your iPhone, but it has spilled out into all aspects of life. Everything from cargo ships to fashion. Software is eating the world.

Founders and VCs encounter this daily. In order to bring their product to market, they need engineers to build it. They see how difficult this is for companies and the impact one good coder can have.

They know what skills are most valuable to help their sons and daughters learn.

Not a Quick One-Time Thing

All parents encourage their kids interests, especially when it is something as beneficial as coding.

But maybe signing up for a 1 week summer camp isn’t enough?

VCs and startup founders know learning to code isn’t something done on a whim. It’s not quick, it takes deliberate progress over months and years. Many of them have the skills to teach their kids, just not the time to make it a consistent effort!

Weekly 1-on-1 Instruction

There are millions of kids learning to code worldwide. Breakout Mentors works with just a hundred kids in the Bay Area, personalizing the experience for each student.

Our customer list is made up of brilliant and successful moms and dads. Multiple founders and CEOs of unicorn (billion dollar) startups. Venture capitalists who have started their own boutique firms and others at the big-name funds. As well as parents at the usual big names in tech (Google, Apple), consulting (McKinsey), and education (Stanford, UC Berkeley).

Breakout Mentors is able to consistently challenge their whiz kids at the perfect difficulty and continue making coding fun!

What will your son or daughter be able to accomplish with a mentor?

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