Introducing the Bay Area Kids Programming Events Calendar

It’s not easy for parents to find enrichment activities for their kids. They search Craigslist, check the local newspapers, sign up for email lists, and join parents groups. And even with all that, sometimes they don’t hear about an event until after it has already sold out of tickets or already passed. There has to be an easier way!

Breakout Mentors just added a Bay Area Kids Programming Events Calendar to lend you a hand. The calendar includes all computer programming events in the Bay Area that are exclusively for kids or kid friendly. This gives you one location to hear about all the various events, whether it is hosted by Breakout Mentors, the Coder Dojo, Hack the Future, or anyone else!

Be sure to check back often as new events will be added as we find out about them.

Photo: Dean Groom

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 28 Jul