It’s Already 2015! Let’s Support Kids that Want to Learn to Code

It’s Already 2015! Let’s Support Kids that Want to Learn to Code

Can you believe it is already 2015? With the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. Do you have one to support your kid’s interests?

There are thousands of kids in the Bay Area that want to learn to code. Some just love Minecraft and think it would be cool to create video games, but don’t really even know what programming is. Others enjoyed the Hour of Code at school and want more. Still more have been going to programming summer camps every year, but don’t do any coding during the other 9 months of the year. It’s time to give these kids the support they need to keep learning!

As a parent, have you put off helping your son or daughter pursue their interest in programming? Make 2015 the year!

Breakout Mentors has several excellent programming mentors joining our team from both Stanford and UC Berkeley. Over the next few weeks we will be starting with many new students, providing a personalized and fun way to learn to program. Once we are at capacity, we are unlikely to begin with many new one-on-one students until the fall. If you are ready to provide your son or daughter a one-on-one programming mentor, please contact us immediately.

Photo: Roxanne
Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 10 Jan