Learning Computer Programming in the Physical World

Learning Computer Programming in the Physical World

Do you need a computer in order to learn how to program? That might sound like a trick question, but in fact, you can learn fundamental programming concepts without a computer. How? By moving around physical objects.

Ubi de Feo created a series of workshops in Amsterdam, “from 0 to C”, that teach programming using a more creative and human approach. “The tools to become a programmer are paper, pens, tape, candy, ping-pong balls, wooden boxes, cups and other common objects.” The course allows people to visualize what happens inside the computer when a program runs – how bytes are moved around and manipulated by the program. Check out this video of the workshop in action:

The result is the ability to visualize something that can’t actually be seen – the state of a computer! This is incredibly helpful for the low-level programming required for robotics and other projects involving microprocessors.

If you are interested in a workshop like this for kids in the Bay Area, let us know by leaving a comment!
Photo: Earl

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 31 Jul