Online Code Mentoring Now, But Plan Ahead for Summer In-Person

Online Code Mentoring Now, But Plan Ahead for Summer In-Person

I hope everyone is settling in to their new routine. It can’t be easy for parents to be thrust into homeschooling without notice. Even harder when you’re trying to work from home at the same time!

We’ll get through this, but are you surviving or thriving?

Last week we discussed how to turn a negative into a positive. You can take advantage of the newfound parent involvement in your kid’s education.

One option is coding with a 1-on-1 mentor over video conference. But there are many other ways to help your son or daughter thrive during this at-home education phase.

Planning Ahead for Summer Coding

Even though the future is uncertain, I’d bet we aren’t stuck indoors this summer, although perhaps international travel will be rethought…

Over summer kids have more free time and parents want activities to keep them busy, as well as learning. Breakout Mentors coding is the perfect combination!

We offer a personalized camp option during the summer. Our mentors travel to the student’s home to work with a group of up to four friends, typically 3 hours a day for a week. We design a custom offering based on the group’s experience and interests. The perfect way to have fun and learn a ton!

We are opening up reservations now:

  • Berkeley / Oakland / East Bay – our mentor is available in the afternoons
  • Palo Alto / Los Altos / Peninsula – our mentor is available all day

Contact Us Today

Don’t wait because our availability is filling up fast. With so many kids out of school, many are signing up for video conference mentoring.

And only one group can reserve a summer coding week at a time, so the earlier you reserve, the more scheduling options.

The only way to sign up is to discuss by phone with the Founder of Breakout Mentors Brian Skinner. Schedule a time here.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 16 Mar