Stuck at Home for COVID-19 Social Distancing? Do More Coding!

Stuck at Home for COVID-19 Social Distancing? Do More Coding!

The term “social distancing” is certainly new to me, but we’d better all start getting used to it. The coronavirus has reached the United States and the short-term future is uncertain.

What is known is that schools are starting to close and most after-school activities have been canceled. Unfortunately we’ll all be spending a lot more time inside just as the weather is improving…

How Will You Turn this Negative into a Positive?

Since we don’t know how long this will last, it isn’t wise to just pause every goal indefinitely. How easy is it to say “I can’t go to the gym, guess I won’t do any exercise!”

A new routine will establish habits. Do you want them to be good or bad habits?

I encourage parents to see this as an opportunity. For example a chance to get more involved in your child’s education. A chance to dive into activities that get pushed aside during our busy lives.

Obviously we think it should be coding. This is a perfect opportunity to really dive in!

Special Discount For Twice Per Week

For new students starting with a mentor over video conference, we will give a one time discount of $125 off our six session per month package. This means meeting twice a week for 90 minutes each, with flexibility to skip occasionally.

All you have to do to qualify is schedule a call this week and start in March.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 10 Mar