Summer Camp Canceled? Create Your Own Virtual Coding Camp!

Summer Camp Canceled? Create Your Own Virtual Coding Camp!

As long suspected, summer camps are now officially calling things off. Thousands of kids go to sports and academic camps at Stanford University alone – now parents are quickly pivoting to other activities.

Breakout Mentors will create for your son or daughter their own 1-on-1 coding camp over video conference. Connect with an exciting mentor from Stanford or UC Berkeley and learn much more effectively with our personalized approach.

We have nearly a decade of experience working with beginners as young as 8 years old. Also there are several exciting options for advanced high school students who have been coding for years:

Cybersecurity Exploration

One talented mentor is running cybersecurity sessions with students. These students can meet every weekday from June 15 to July 3, learning the basics of encryption, hacking, and capture the flag contests. We are accepting two more students for times after 10:30am PT.

USACO Serious Study

Competition programming is a fun challenge. Summer is a great time to learn new material and advance ahead of the contests in the winter. We have an excellent mentor for the Gold or Platinum level available 5 days per week through the end of July. Just two spots remain open.

Blockchain Later This Summer

Another exciting mentor had her internship shortened, which means she can run a blockchain focused workshop July 27 to August 14. One student already signed up to do blockchain development, not just high-level concepts. Accepting up to two more students to learn 1-on-1 with her.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Then we have several mentors who specialize in machine learning. One focus is music generation. Other students are doing biocomputation, whether DNA through CRISPR or public health COVID-19 datasets. I’ve been hard at work updating our data science curriculum and projects.

Let’s Discuss

These advanced options are filling up fast, so please schedule a time to discuss by phone this week.

We also have challenging intermediate level options through our Summer Coding Deep Dive collaboration with Cardinal Education. Learn more about the options here.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 25 May