Teaching Philosophy

Programming is fun. That being said, if a student’s first experience programming is dry and dull, they may never touch programming again. Our teaching philosophy at Breakout Mentors is to take your student on a tour of the world of programming and show them just how exciting it can be. By showing your student the creative power that coding can give them, we aim to nurture a long-term interest in programming.

Through programming, your student can gain the ability to design exciting games, solve complex problems, and explore their interests in new, creative ways. We aim to help your child learn and explore in a stress-free environment. In school, learning has become more goal-oriented rather than learning-oriented. Breakout Mentors will give your student a relaxing environment in which they can explore and delve into projects that truly interest them.

Our flexible, one-on-one instruction allows our mentors to guide your students on a path that is interesting and truly unique. Unlike other programs, with Breakout Mentors your student will become fluent and a master in one or two languages rather than simply relearning the basics in many. And if your student decides one project isn’t for them? Our mentors will help guide them to something else new and exciting.

Programming is fun. Together, let’s show your child how much fun it can be.

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