The Article by a 5th Grader That Inspired Our Student Spotlight

The Article by a 5th Grader That Inspired Our Student Spotlight


Success stories are a great way to draw inspiration for a large goal. They show what is possible with a little focus and hard work. It is no different for kids wanting to learn how to program – it is a large time investment, but is fun and can lead to really impressive results.

Erik Zhang, a 5th grade student, published an article in the Los Altos Town Crier Kids + coding + fun = CoderDojo. It’s about his experience learning to program at the Silicon Valley CoderDojo.

Since I started going to CoderDojo, I’ve learned many new programming tools, including Unity and Python, and have developed many games of my own. I have shared these games with my little brother and many of our friends, and they all loved them. I can’t help but feel how lucky I am to have this wonderful opportunity to play with the latest technology, with so many experts walking around available to help whenever I have a problem.

It’s amazing what Erik has been able to accomplish as a 5th grader! Do you know any students his age that are interested in programming? Show them Erik’s article to inspire them to keep learning!

This article has inspired Breakout Mentors to publish more success stories. If your student would like to be featured on a Student Spotlight (whether you are a Breakout Mentors student or not), please let us know.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 09 Oct