100% of High School Coders Want to Keep Learning After Our Mock USACO Event

100% of High School Coders Want to Keep Learning After Our Mock USACO Event

We had an incredible event on Sunday – the first time Breakout Mentors has run a virtual programming competition. The goal was to provide a fun and low pressure introduction to USACO.

The verdict? 100% of the participants said the event made them want to participate in USACO and keep learning!

Event Recap

We had three different divisions: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Across the divisions there were a total of 75 students – mostly high school, but with a few middle schoolers – who received points. This means they submitted a solution to the word problem that produced the right output for at least one test case. 209 different submissions received full points.

The incredible part is that 50% were participating in their first competition. They devoted 4 hours on a Sunday to challenge themselves!

The majority rated it a 5 star fun-factor, with the average of 4.3. Pretty amazing for such a challenging event.

Parent Response

“I just wanted to thank you for running the mock USACO on Sunday. You created a great, low-pressure introduction to competitive coding. My kids got a lot out of the experience. Much appreciated.”
-Father in Highland Park, Illinois

“Thank you for hosting the USACO mock competition event this afternoon. This was such a great idea and my son said it was a valuable experience. Would also love to hear more about your USACO training program – think you may have found a niche for your business with so much interest!”
-Mother in Los Altos, California

The Actual USACO Event is Coming Up

They posted the dates for this year’s contests: December 18-21, January 22-25, February 26-March 1, April 2-5.

Everyone who participated in our mock event on Sunday will have a much better idea of what to expect. However we also posted a document Never Done USACO to help you get started.

Want to Accelerate Your Learning?

We have mentors for USACO and many other type of programming for late elementary through high school students. Just schedule a call to discuss how we can help your son or daughter.

And if you are interested in the Thanksgiving or Winter break workshop format with more concentrated hours (e.g. 3 hours a day), you better act fast!

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 17 Nov