Our Mentors

Our team of mentors are engineering students at world-class universities Stanford and UC Berkeley. Here are a few of the women and men leading the personalized approach for kids learning to code.

Young and Passionate

It is our goal to make sure your son or daughter enjoys coding, and this is reflected in the personalities of our mentors. They are fun college Computer Science students who are passionate about sharing their love and knowledge of programming.

Successful and Experienced

Our mentors are role models for what kids can achieve. Each mentor has a track record of success academically and know how learning to code can be a valuable part of anyone's education. Despite their young age, they have been coding for years, and know the hurdles for a first time programmer.

Happiness Guarantee

We aim to take all burden and risk off our clients. We pair our students and mentors according to student age, interest, experience, and availability. If you feel your mentor is not a good fit, let us know, and we will issue a refund for that session and can identify a new mentor. But don't worry, we have over a 98% success rate with our student-mentor pairings!

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