All of our mentors learned computer programming at world-class universities and enjoy sharing their excitement for programming with young students. Here are some of the things our customers are saying about their experience with Breakout Mentors:

"Breakout Mentors was exactly what we were looking for when our 11 year old son asked to learn programming. He connected so quickly with his mentor Kevin, who has taught him things beyond our knowledge. He is thoroughly absorbed in his lessons, he doesn’t even realize how much time passes when he is there. After his last session, he tried to explain to me some aspect of the programming he just learned and then said 'I feel so proud of myself.' We are proud of him too and of the staff at Breakout Mentors for reaching out to these kids with the information they are seeking but are not being taught."

Diana, mother of 6th grade boy in San Mateo

"My son was interested in programming from a very young age. We have tons of books that are supposed to teach kids how to program, however, only starting with Breakout Mentors actually helped my son to build on his interest and develop some skills. The lessons are fun and very encouraging, and they introduce serious programming concepts in a way kids can grasp. My son started with programming games in Scratch. Moving from little projects to bigger and more complex ones, he has learned the basics of programming and now is moving to Java.

I really like how the mentor keeps me on the loop with my son's progress. My son shows me his work after each lesson since he is very proud of his accomplishments and can't wait to show off. However, it is also really important to know from the teacher about the topics they are currently working on and what to expect further on.

I'm very happy to discover Breakout Mentors and look forward to see what my son will accomplish with their help."

Svetlana, mother of 6th grade boy in Foster City

"My son Sam loves computer games and for a while he has said that he wants to learn how to create video games when he's an adult. We have sent him to many summer camps to learn beginning programming. Though he enjoyed them, he basically played video games all day. He is finally actually learning, rather than just playing, with his mentor Ed. I know that Sam can get really excited about computer games and Ed is channeling this energy into a productive way. Sam always looks forward to Ed coming. As a matter of fact, tonight he asked me if Ed can come twice a week during the summer!"

Michelle, mother of 6th grade boy in Hillsborough

"Both of our sons are being mentored in computer programming from Breakout Mentors, and we've been very happy with the personalized approach for each one. Our younger son is learning Scratch programming, and our older son is working in Java. Both boys have been interested in programming for a while and have done several summer camps, but we were looking for a way to continue learning during the school year. We also needed help in channeling their programming interest into a more structured process with milestones and goals to give them more focused direction. Breakout Mentors has exceeded our expectations, providing the boys with engaging instruction that challenges them. Having a mentor come to our house once a week works out perfectly for us. The boys take pride in working on their projects and are continuing to have fun!"

Alex, father of 3rd and 5th grade boys in Los Altos

"Matthew has always been curious about how things work. He also loves to play and find out stuff using his computer. So it was only natural that he'd be curious about how his computer works. I think that learning programming helps satisfy this curiosity in a way that is creative and fun. And I think the approach - teaching programming concepts and thinking skills in a fun and accessible way - with quick gratification from having created something that works, is great. It's much more than just teaching how to use computers and existing software.

Brian has an easy and collaborative style of teaching, giving Matthew plenty of choice about what project to tackle, and then guiding him through the steps that make it happen. He answers Matthew's questions, and checks in frequently to make sure he is understanding. And by mentoring him one-on-one, Brian can introduce new concepts at a pace that keeps Matthew challenged and engaged. At the end of each session with Brian, Matthew is always so excited to show me what he has achieved. A happy kid that is learning, creating, and building confidence - it doesn't get any better."

Joan, mother of a 7th grade boy in Woodside

"The mentor focuses on teaching my son to think, not just follow. Software conventions, and reasons behind them, are developed with an understanding of their purpose, not just 'do it this way because I said so' mentality. In addition, the mentor encourages my son to check documentation for answers and find solutions that make sense for the project. My son feels proud of the work he completes and is motivated to work on his projects independently between sessions!"

Mary, mother of an advanced 5th grade boy in San Jose

"At first we didn't think Chloe would be interested in programming, but when she watched the Alice video, she realized that it is something she is interested in learning. Chloe has always loved her computer class at school; I just don't think she truly understood what beginner programming was all about. The mentor has done a fantastic job of breaking down any barriers to learning with Chloe.

Computer programming is a fun, creative, artistic outlet for her and she obviously feels very comfortable working with Brian. I understand that confidence and competence with computers will only benefit Chloe as she enters a new highly rigorous and academic middle school. I feel like Chloe will have an advantage over her classmates if she can bring additional computer skills in to the classroom setting. I always know that Chloe enjoys a lesson when she looks forward to the next one the following week. She definitely looks forward to her time with her mentor."

Anne, mother of a 6th grade girl in Menlo Park

"We have been very happy with Breakout Mentors. Our son loves being on the computer and it was great to turn that time from mindless gaming to learning how to make his own games. Brian is a great and motivational teacher. We were lucky to find him!"

Joanna, mother of 5th grade boy in Los Altos

"My husband and I work in knowledge fields outside of computers. We were unable to help our son when he showed an interest in them, but we did know we didn't want him limited to just using existing apps. After just a few session, Brian has piqued his interest in how seemingly magical programs are actually built through logic and problem-solving."

Liz, mother of a 7th grade boy in Mountain View

"My son has always been interested in computers and computer games. A logical starting place for programming for him was Scratch and we approached Brian at Breakout Mentors to see if he could help our son to build on his interest and develop some programming skills in a fun and casual way.

The weekly 90-minute sessions introduce Scratch programming concepts in a way kids can grasp. My son started with programming basic games in Scratch. Moving from little projects to bigger and more complex ones, he is now designing more interactive games within the Scratch environment.

Brian keeps me in the loop about my son’s progress on a regular basis. Overall, we are very happy with Breakout Mentors and look forward to more fun programming in the future."

Arvinder, mother of 9 year old boy in Cupertino

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