Create Your Own Coding Summer Camp

Coding camp shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. In order to truly learn while having fun, it needs to be personalized to each student’s skill level and experience.

Breakout Mentors has the solution – create your own coding summer camp right at your kitchen table!

The results speak for themselves:


What parents say

“My daughter told me that she learned more the first day than her last 3 summer camps combined. She was so excited! Thank you – Breakout Mentors is exactly what we were looking for!”

How Does it Work?

You create your own group for your son or daughter with up to three friends. It is not an open enrollment camp, no strangers are placed into groups, it is a fun learning experience with friends!

We will design a custom camp based on the group’s experience and interests. Scratch, Python, Java, HTML, JavaScript, hardware, and more.

The teacher will be either Ryan or JR, current Stanford Computer Science students experienced at helping kids learn to code using Breakout Mentors’ personalized approach. He will travel to your home and work right at the comfort of your kitchen table (or another student’s home in the group).

  • For kids 8 to 15 years-old
  • 3 hours a day, Monday through Friday for 1 week
  • Available June 17th to August 16th
  • We can travel in-home from San Francisco to Cupertino
  • Price varies by number of students: 1 kid @ $1500, 2 kids @ $900 each, 3 kids @ $625 each, 4 kids @ $500 each

Join the Webinar to get $88 Off

Thursday April 18th from 6:00 pm to 6:15 pm

Random Art Python DemoBreakout Game Python Demo

Dodge Obstacles Scratch DemoSpace Invaders Scratch Demo

Why Personalized?

Daycare is the primary goal of many parents enrolling their kid in a summer camp. Secondary is exposure to a new area. But it is not an ideal environment for learning something deeply.

The big coding summer camps start with a tough student to teacher ratio. As low as 8:1, but often worse. A camp at Stanford is staffed with college kids from all over the country, not Stanford students. Some of them aren’t even studying engineering, much less Computer Science.

Their incentive is to fill up each camp with kids. This can result in kids excited about coding lumped in with kids who are just there for daycare. And a huge range of previous experience and skill levels.

Breakout Mentors is different. Your instructor will be a Stanford Computer Science student, the maximum student to teacher ratio is 4:1, and the other kids will be friends who you know have similar experience and interest.

Why a Custom Curriculum?

It’s tough to know what to learn next in coding, especially as kids require more support. We often see kids interested in coding bounce around from one camp to the next, with a few online tutorials mixed in, but not a comprehensive long-term plan.

This is why we designed our year-round weekly 90 minute session format – think the piano teacher model. Kids always have the next thing to learn, the next exciting project. They keep advancing at the right pace, past beginner material.

During the summer is no different – each group features different ages and previous coding experience. Kids learning Python can continue where they left off by pushing into more advanced projects. Kids with no experience can start at the beginning with the right programming language, but advance at any pace they can handle.

How Do I Sign Up?

We talk to all parents by phone in order to learn more about the potential students. Please schedule a time here. And there is an info webinar April 18th – join for $88 off!