Avoiding Big Crowds this Summer? Create Your Own Small Summer Coding Camp

Avoiding Big Crowds this Summer? Create Your Own Small Summer Coding Camp

As California enters its 4th week sheltering in place due to the coronavirus, there are glimmers of hope on the horizon. The Bay Area has fared surprising well compared to other regions.

Once the lockdown is lifted, how quickly will life go back to normal? As parents, how will you navigate the decisions about what is safe for your family?

More specifically, how will this affect your summer camp plans?

No Big Camps, Create Your Own

Every summer the local colleges host education-focused camps hosted by outside organizations. A big part of the appeal is the college setting surrounded by hundreds of other kids. In 2020 that doesn’t sound so wonderful!

You want your son or daughter to have some social interaction, but not too much and not coding on shared computers. Breakout Mentors can help.

We offer the option to create your own camp with a maximum of 3 other friends. Typically 3 hours a day, Monday through Friday for 1 week. Perfectly targeted to the group’s age and experience.

When the time comes, if everyone feels comfortable with it, we can meet in-person at a student’s home. If we are still social distancing, we can meet over video conference.

It is the perfect flexible solution for learning to code and seeing friends!

Let’s Discuss Your Unique Needs

Everything Breakout Mentors offers if highly personalized. Let’s discuss your son or daughter’s interest and experience, along with your goals as parents. Simply schedule a time for a phone call with Breakout Mentors founder Brian Skinner.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 08 Apr