Become a Girls Programming Mentor

Think K-12 CS education is lacking?
Want to make a difference?

Join our team of 1-on-1 kids programming mentors!

Here are actual students who are able to come to Stanford’s campus to work with a mentor:

  • 6th grade girl who has done Scratch and Codecademy and wants to learn a real programming language.
  • 5th grade girl who enjoys Scratch and wants to do more with the help of a mentor.
  • 8th grade girl and her 6th grade brother that want to learn to program together.

Breakout Mentors pairs experienced programmers to work directly with young, local students passionate about learning how to program – everyone from 10 year-olds making Scratch games to high schoolers making iPhone or Java games. This is a well paying part time job ($22 to $30 per hour) and an opportunity to make a lasting impact on a person’s life!

Our mentors meet weekly with each of their students for an hour and a half session spent working on fun projects. Each mentor works with two or three students – being a mentor is a three to five hours per week time commitment. Our goal is to foster the student’s long-term interest in programming, and since there is always more to learn, you can stay with the same student for months to years!

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