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There are plenty of options for kids to code, Breakout Mentors is the most personalized and designed for long-term growth. I’m glad you found us!

Many skills are necessary to code effectively – everything from planning ahead to troubleshooting when things go wrong. Coding isn’t just knowing individual concepts, it’s putting them together to achieve a result. This is very difficult for adults – kids require 1-on-1 attention to advance and continue to have fun.

Breakout Mentors is centered around our talented mentors – Computer Science students at Stanford and UC Berkeley (also USF and SCU upon request). Each kid is paired with an exciting mentor for weekly 90 minute sessions – whether in person at the college, over video conference, or even in-home. They build a rapport together over months or years. The mentor provides the right balance of structured curriculum and encouragement of student creativity through fun projects.

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Danville Kids Learning to Code

In the Danville area there are currently several kids working one-on-one with an exciting University of California, Berkeley mentor. Overall we have 97 students across the Bay Area, including many for multiple years – there is truly no limit to how far students can go!

The logistics are whatever works best for you. The regular day and time is based on your preference, including weekends. It is one of the many variables we take into account when pairing your son or daughter with the perfect mentor. There is flexibility to reschedule directly with the mentor or skip if there is a conflict.

The majority of sessions are held on the college campus, which is an empowering learning experience. For families that live farther away, we do video conference sessions as well. The student shares their screen and talks live with the mentor while coding.

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Beginner Kids Coding

The first coding experience is pivotal for kids – beginners will quickly decide if they are interested in continuing. They need to be challenged at the perfect level, with the support necessary to overcome challenges. It requires some structure to learn the fundamentals, but enough flexibility to bring their own creative ideas to life.

Most Breakout Mentors 8 to 11 year-old beginners start with the drag-and-drop coding language Scratch. Kids are able to make fun games right away while mastering the fundamentals.

Other kids are interested in immediately jumping into a language with typed code, like Python or Java. We begin with a series of small projects over the first 2-4 months to establish the basics. Students quickly progress to making games like Pong, Breakout, and Space Invaders with their own creative features.

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Regardless of the programming language, it goes beyond tutoring – our mentors constantly adjust the difficulty to be just right. Kids are able to advance at their own pace, always challenged and having fun.

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Starting at $295 a Month

We offer several options to give parents the maximum flexibility.

Sessions are scheduled at a regular time each week with the flexibility to reschedule or skip. Which package is best for you?