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There are plenty of options for kids to code, Breakout Mentors is the most personalized and designed for long-term growth. I’m glad you found us!

Many skills are necessary to code effectively – everything from planning ahead to troubleshooting when things go wrong. Coding isn’t just knowing individual concepts, it’s putting them together to achieve a result. This is very difficult for adults – kids require 1-on-1 attention to advance and continue to have fun.

Breakout Mentors is centered around our talented mentors – Computer Science students at Stanford and UC Berkeley (also USF and SCU upon request). Each kid is paired with an exciting mentor for weekly 90 minute sessions – whether in person at the college, over video conference, or even in-home. They build a rapport together over months or years. The mentor provides the right balance of structured curriculum and encouragement of student creativity through fun projects.

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Text Adventure HTML and JavaScript DemoNumber Guessing HTML and JavaScript Demo

HTML & JavaScript For Kids Learning to Code

We have many elementary school students using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to learn programming fundamentals. Website creation provides a friendly learning environment with graphics to allow your child to explore the extent of their creativity.

The first few sessions students typically create a Webpage Maze project with a limited set of commands. Over time, students become comfortable with concepts like loops, conditionals, variables, and functions.

Number Guessing HTML and JavaScript Demo

Kids love making their own versions of games, including the Number Guessing Game. Mentors encourage the students to add their own creative features, like having multiple levels.

As students progress, mentors are able to introduce more advanced concepts and encourage increasingly complex projects. Elementary schoolers who work with Breakout Mentors over months and years will eventually move to advanced Computer Science apps and projects.

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We offer several options to give parents the maximum flexibility.

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