Enjoy Hour of Code? Dive in with Weekly Coding in 2020

Enjoy Hour of Code? Dive in with Weekly Coding in 2020

Every year there is a wildly successful introduction to coding in schools across the world – Hour of Code! It just finished, did you son or daughter enjoy it?

Think of it as a tiny spark. If you nurture that interest, it may grow bigger. If you ignore it, it may go out.

Weekly Coding For Real Learning

Unfortunately too many kids don’t pursue their interests and just take education as it comes. Parents need to find a way to support them.

With coding in particular, it isn’t sufficient to do a week of coding during the summer. Similar to Hour of Code, that can generate a spark of interest, but then what? Do you expect real mastery? Or that their interest will be maintained forever?

Breakout Mentors is the best long-term way to learn to code. By meeting a fun mentor each week, that spark of interest grows into a flame AND real learning is accomplished.

Now Taking Sign Ups for January

The only way to sign up is to schedule a phone call with the Breakout Mentors Founder Brian Skinner. If you make an appointment this week and sign up for January, we will give $100 off the first month!

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 17 Dec