Experts this Summer in USACO, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and more

Experts this Summer in USACO, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and more

It is hard for advanced middle and high school coding students to know what to do next. Most of the kids camps are targeted for beginners. Self-directing to find the right online resource or project is very difficult.

Too often these students just wait until college, rather than forging ahead with their learning. The goal of Breakout Mentors is to personalize coding education, which makes us the best choice for unique needs, including students who are too advanced for anywhere else.

There is a rare opportunity this summer – two very impressive mentors had internship or job changes due to COVID-19 and are able to devote more concentrated hours to advanced students!

Advanced USACO Mentor Available Through July

USACO is a programming competition for high school students that is excellent for learning many CS concepts and algorithms. If your son or daughter is just getting started, check out our Summer Deep Dive options.

This mentor is an excellent fit for advanced USACO students. He can help those at the Gold or Platinum level put in some serious study this summer and prepare for a massive leap forward next competition season. Often at those levels students can be more self-directed, but putting some structure in place will be extremely valuable.

Advanced Project Focus in June

There is another very impressive mentor available full-time the last three weeks of June. For the right student, this will be a perfect opportunity to make quick progress in a new area (the minimum package is 15 hours).

She can help dive into cybersecurity including the competitions for high school students. Machine learning is another potential focus, including using it for music generation. Or studying more cutting-edge programming languages, including the different way of thinking for functional languages, and possibly designing their own language.

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Their availability is sure to fill up fast, so if you are interested in learning more, please schedule a call this week.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 18 May