Free Beginners Kid Coding Workshops in Berkeley – Monday December 8th

Free Beginners Kid Coding Workshops in Berkeley – Monday December 8th

Breakout Mentors is excited to announce our official Berkeley launch! To celebrate the occasion, we are going to host two free kids coding workshops at the Berkeley central library’s computer lab on Monday December 8th.

The first workshop is for kids ages 9 to 11 who are new to the Scratch programming language (more info and tickets). This will be immediately followed by a second group of 11 to 14 year-olds who will get an introduction to the typed Python programming language (more info and tickets).

You might be wondering, “haven’t you already been working with students in Berkeley?” Yes, we started back in February with just a couple students. We took it slow at first to really understand the differences between UC Berkeley Computer Science students and our 20 mentors at Stanford. We wanted to make sure we understood the needs of the new students and how to best support UC Berkeley mentors.

We have learned a lot over the past year in Berkeley. For example, most the Stanford mentors prefer Java as the language to teach first time typed programmers, while at UC Berkeley they prefer Python. However, the UC Berkeley classes don’t introduce any graphics, which are necessary for the 2-D games that our students love to create. This has been rolled into our training materials and resources for the mentors.

We are now ready to replicate our success and take on new students. There are 7 excellent mentors in Berkeley ready to work with new students in January. I hope you can come to the workshops to meet some of these mentors! If you have any questions, please email Brian at

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 02 Dec