How to Differentiate on College Applications – Is Independent Study Computer Science the Answer You’ve Been Looking For? [Free Webinar]

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Gaining admittance to the best colleges today is incredibly competitive. Harvard accepts a paltry 5.6% of applicants while Stanford is at a meager 7.1%. You’ve probably heard that these schools could accept only valedictorians or perfect SAT scores if they wanted. But you know all this. You know that you should be well rounded and differentiate yourself on your applications. Only … do you have a plan for how to accomplish this?

On this webinar we’ll discuss why most students end up “differentiating” in exactly the same way and why independently studying computer science is a better answer. You’ll learn:

  • How most students “differentiate” in exactly the same way
  • Why Computer Science is appealing to college admission offices
  • What independent study shows and why CS is an ideal subject
  • How taking the AP test adds credibility
  • What is a capstone project and why is it important
  • When and how students should get started on this path

Join us Thursday, May 3 at 7 pm PT to avoid becoming just another application in the pile. Both parents and students willing to take charge of their education are welcome.

To register, please visit: How to Differentiate on College Applications – Is Independent Study CS the Answer?

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 26 Apr