Keep the Hour of Code Momentum Going All Year Long

Keep the Hour of Code Momentum Going All Year Long

Did you know last week was Computer Science Education Week? Millions of kids all over the world do because they did something different in school … CODING!

Last week was’s Hour of Code. California alone had 6611 locations registered for events, the majority were schools that spent one hour of classroom time coding.

The result? Thousands upon thousands of kids fell in love with coding for the first time!

Don’t Let it Go to Waste

Learning has momentum. If you let up, it is going to take a lot more work later to get back to the same spot.

In this case, there likely wasn’t a ton of material learned in just one hour. The important momentum here is the excitement for coding.

Use this current excitement as an opportunity to keep learning. If your son or daughter can continue enjoying coding year-round, the interest will not die. Instead they will love it more as the master the fundamental concepts and unleash their creativity.

Accepting New Students in January

Breakout Mentors is lining up new students who want to meet weekly with a coding mentor in 2019. We are highly personalized, so discuss by phone with all parents who are interested. Please schedule a time here.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 18 Dec