Kid Coder Projects at the 2017 Breakout Mentors Student Showcase [Pics and Videos]

Breakout Mentors pairs up kids learning to code with a fun college mentor. They meet weekly for 90 minutes to learn through creating fun projects.

Once a year we have a Student Showcase (imagine a science fair) that is a chance for them to show off what they have accomplished and be inspired by other kids.

Our showcase in Los Altos featured ten kids ages 9 through 14. The kids ranged from just a couple months of programming experience to several years. The technologies ranged from drag-and-drop Scratch to traditional languages like Java to 3-D game programming in Unity. This variety really shows how the mentor is able to customize the approach for each individual student.

Congratulations to all the students who participated, they have accomplished a lot this past school year!

Here are a few of the presentations (if you are reading in email, click here to view).


Videos of Presentations

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 17 May