Kids In-Home Coding Camps

Kids learning to code need a personalized approach to keep learning year-round and to be challenged at the right level. They don’t need another one week, one-size-fits-all summer camp!

Summer is an excellent opportunity for kids to code – more hours are available to discover new interests and dive deep on their passions. For this reason, kids coding summer camps are extremely popular.

Year-round Breakout Mentors offers one-on-one mentoring. Each child is carefully matched with a Computer Science student at Stanford, UC Berkeley, or Santa Clara University by personality and interests to ensure the right mentor fit. They hold weekly 90 minute sessions where the mentor constantly adjusts the difficulty and introduces new concepts as the student is ready. Students are proud of their personalized games and itching to keep learning.

During the summer we also offer a personalized camp option. Our mentors travel to the student’s home to work with a group of up to four friends, typically three hours a day for one week. We design a custom offering based on the group’s experience and interests. The perfect way to have fun and learn a ton!

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Beginner Kids In-Home Coding

The intro to coding is a pivotal point for kids – beginner students will quickly decide if they are interested in continuing. They need to be challenged at the perfect level, with the support necessary to overcome challenges. They require structure to learn the fundamentals, but enough flexibility to bring their own creative ideas to life.

Most Breakout Mentors 8 to 11 year-old beginners start with the drag-and-drop programming language Scratch. Kids are able to make fun games right away while learning important programming concepts.

Other kids are interested in immediately jumping into a programming language they type, like Java or Python. We begin with a series of small projects over the first 2-4 months to establish coding fundamentals. Students quickly progress to making games like Pong, Breakout, and Space Invaders with their own creative features.

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Regardless of the programming language, our mentors constantly adjust the difficulty to be just right. Kids are able to advance at their own pace, always challenged and having fun.

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