Motivation by Showing You What is Possible – The Teens in Tech Conference

Motivation by Showing You What is Possible – The Teens in Tech Conference

Knowing how to program opens up a world of possibilities. But sometimes these possibilities seem abstract. Of course you can use your experience to land an exciting internship, get into an excellent college, or build your own product – but what does success look like? What exactly is possible for a teenager that knows how to code?

The Teens in Tech Conference will show you exactly what is possible. On August 9th in Palo Alto over a dozen teenagers will present what they have accomplished. For most of them, none of this would have been possible without a technical understanding of how to program.

The part I am most excited about are the 5 teams of teenagers that have built a startup over the summer showing off their products (I am a mentor for the incubator program again this year). The skills they have acquired over the last two months go far beyond just technical skills. Knowing how to program was just the first step, but identifying customer needs, marketing, pitching, and more become possible once they have the ability to make a real product. And it is amazing what they have accomplished!

If you would like to see tangible examples of what is possible for young programmers, you can register here. The Breakout Mentors community can use the promotion code Breakout2012 at checkout for 20% off! Hope to see you there!

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 16 Jul