Parent’s Perspective: 5+ Years Learning to Code with Breakout Mentors [video]

Parent’s Perspective: 5+ Years Learning to Code with Breakout Mentors [video]

There’s no stopping a train coming down the tracks. Why? It built up momentum out of sight.

Breakout Mentors believes momentum is important in education as well, particularly for coding education. There isn’t one stroke of genius or an invention that comes to mind fully formed. Behind the scenes of the overnight success story is years of tinkering and learning. Breakout Mentors meets students weekly year-round to build that momentum and always provide the next exciting challenge.

Today we are going to hear the perspective of one of our longtime customers. Manish’s son Jay has worked with several mentors over the course of 5+ years!

The Parent Perspective

Manish knows technology well and is the VP of Engineering at a Silicon Valley technology company. Even though he could teach the concepts to his son himself, he explains how working with an inspiring mentor makes learning to code engaging.

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The Student Perspective

Jay is 15 now, but started with Breakout Mentors back when he was 10 years old. Over that time he progressed from Scratch drag-and-drop coding to Java and is now learning algorithms for USACO programming competitions.

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Start Building Momentum Now

The overnight success story is built on years of learning that feels like play. There is no better time than now. If you are interested, we have just a few spots open for the fall or join the top of the list for January. Please schedule a call here.

Also stay tuned for more announcements about how to get started with USACO programming competitions.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 12 Oct