Solve Your Kids Coding Needs Once and For All

Solve Your Kids Coding Needs Once and For All

Parenting today involves navigating a dizzying array of options. There are more kids products than ever before, more activity options than time in the day.

The worst part: as soon as one decision is made, you’ll soon have to make it again.

Let’s see how this works for coding – an important area without a standard path and one parents often don’t fully understand.

The Parent of a 12 Year Old Who Enjoys Coding

The typical kid coder bounces from one short-term camp or course to the next.

Parents may first learn their son or daughter is interested after Hour of Code in school. So they sign up for a summer camp.

After the summer, perhaps they believe their child will continue to pursue it on their own. Unfortunately that is very difficult at that age. It is tough for parents to navigate all the options!

The next summer parents aren’t sure – do a summer camp again? It didn’t seem to accomplish any goals last time. Yet another online tutorial? Books? Hmmmm.

Get on a Long-Term Personalized Path

Unfortunately jumping around from one coding option to the next doesn’t help kids love coding, nor master the fundamentals.

In order to do that, you need to get on one path and stick with it. Yet there isn’t a perfect path for everyone (given varying interests and speed of learning), so you need to make sure it is personalized. You need someone to oversee your journey.

Breakout Mentors allows kids to learn coding year-round by meeting the same mentor each week for 90 minutes. It is project-based to keep it exciting and at the perfect difficulty.

Now Accepting New Students

Breakout Mentors has more experience with year-round kids coding than anyone else. We are entering our 9th school year and work with over a hundred kids one-on-one.

Do you want to keep piecing together a disjointed coding education or rely on the experts?

The only way to join is to discuss your son or daughter’s experience and interest by phone. Make your appointment today.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 11 Sep