Summer is Coming to an End Before You Know It

Summer is Coming to an End Before You Know It

I regret to inform you that summer will come to an end. It’s inevitable. Now let’s focus on things that are in our control.

Education is not usually one of the top priorities during the summer. Summer is a time for vacations, playing outdoors, and taking a break from school. But in just two weeks another school year begins – what are your students going to accomplish this year beyond simply advancing to the next grade? As your students inch towards college applications, what are they learning above and beyond their peers?

Unfortunately not everything a person should know can be covered in the limited number of hours available in the school day. One of the important elements widely left out of school curriculum is computer science. In the past we could get by without learning this subject, but in today’s world “computer people” have a leg up on everyone else.

Now is the time to start on the path to gaining computer expertise. This school year secure a computer programming mentor for your students to provide fun projects and guide them through the learning. Don’t look back years from now and wish you had started earlier!

Photo: Clare Bell
Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 09 Aug