Teens in Tech Incubator Teams Show What is Possible for Young Students

Teens in Tech Incubator Teams Show What is Possible for Young Students

Why is a computer programming education important for kids? What can be done with that knowledge? It opens up a world of possibilities, one of which is to build your own software product. Something that excites you and you want to provide the world, whether as a business or free.

Last week was the Teens in Tech Conference, at which the incubator teams presented their products. The Teens in Tech Incubator is a summer-long program that invites teams of teenagers to spend the summer building a software product [disclosure: I am a volunteer mentor for the incubator program]. There is a competitive application process to become one of the four teams in the program. The result is that the teams in the program are the cream of the crop – they are extremely talented and incredibly driven to make their ideas a reality.

All the teams this year had fairly extensive prior programming experience, and a willingness to fill in any gaps in their knowledge as they went. Without this experience they would not have had the audacious goal to create a product during the summer and would not have been a part of the incubator. They would not have gained the experience of defining what customers want, marketing their product, learning aesthetic design, working smoothly as a team, and effectively presenting their ideas. The ability to program opened up a world of possibilities for these teenagers!

This is just one possible route a young student with programming experience can take. Internships, open-source projects, and personal projects are just a few others. Any student that does not learn to program today is limiting their options in the future!

Read more about the teams’ products on the Teens in Tech blog.

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Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 13 Aug