The Results of Our Scratch Olympic Game Design Contest

The Results of Our Scratch Olympic Game Design Contest

The first Breakout Mentors game design contest has come to a close. Thanks to everyone who submitted a project, they were all very impressive and came from a wide range of sports – beach volleyball, shooting, track and field, and weightlifting! You can find all the games here. Scratch games can be played online, but also downloaded to see how it was made. Check out the complexity of the logic in each game to see just how advanced these young students are.

Everyone that submitted a game will receive a Breakout Mentors Choose Your Own Game workbook. This workbook takes a student through creating a game, but each step of the way has multiple options from which you can choose. The end result is that no two students will create the same project – it’s truly your own creative masterpiece!

The winner of the Olympic game design contest is itweak0rTest for his hurdles AND weightlifting game. It’s really two games in one! Not only that, you can play the hurdles with one or two players. The weightlifting was creatively turned into a memory game – as the weight goes up you have to memorize more numbers and repeat them back. Very fun and challenging! Click here to download and play the game (it can’t be played in the browser because of the sound files). For winning this student will be receiving a free session from Breakout Mentors.

We will offer more game design challenges in the future, so be sure to subscribe to our email list to receive updates. These contests give Breakout Mentors students an excellent opportunity to take what they have learned with their mentor and apply it to a new game, entirely on their own. But anyone can enter – you don’t have to be a Breakout Mentors student!

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 16 Aug