Unique 1-on-1 Learning For Advanced High School Students

Unique 1-on-1 Learning For Advanced High School Students

You know Breakout Mentors as the personalized way for kids to learn to code. In addition to our traditional year-round coding, we have Summer Deep Dives for quickly advancing, and unique one of a kind learning experiences for high school student who are experienced coders.

Here are a few we have scheduled:

Cybersecurity (AKA Intro to Hacking)

How does encryption work? What exploits are hackers looking for? Did you know high school students can participate in “hacking” competitions hosted by organizations like Google? Our Stanford Master’s student mentor knows the cybersecurity world very well and is helping a 15 year-old boy dive in mid-June through early July.

User Experience Design

Many kids are interested in graphic design – visual layout, font, colors, etc. It overlaps with coding for “UX”, designing beautiful apps that are easy for the user to understand. One 17 year-old girl will be working with a recent Stanford graduate mentor was a TA for the Stanford course, learning the tool Figma. He’s available until the end of July.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage – ask any college student what they want to focus on for their career and you’ll hear machine learning. Some of it involves advanced math, but we have some excellent projects to get started with data science. Available condensed with a female mentor in late June or a male mentor throughout the summer.

Hands-on with Blockchain

Another area that has a lot of buzz (especially when the Bitcoin price surges) and the potential to change the world as we know it: blockchain. UC Berkeley has an interesting class with hands-on projects and a thriving community of enthusiasts. One of our talented female mentors is working with a student in late July / early August on this curriculum and other projects.

USACO Competition Programming

USACO is amazing for the right student – someone who thrives with competition and abstract thinking. We have a mentor who is one of the top collegiate competitors in the United States and has traveled the world (for free) for international competitions. Through the end of July he is able to work with new students and really accelerate their knowledge.

Scratch and Vex Robotics Specialist

Let’s not forget the younger students! One of our mentors did a lot of Vex robotics competitions and now specializes with our younger kids learning Scratch. He’s available mid-June through mid-July.

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These advanced options are filling up fast, so please schedule a time to discuss by phone now.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 04 Jun