Introducing Our Newest Mentors for Kids Learning to Code

Introducing Our Newest Mentors for Kids Learning to Code

Breakout Mentors provides the most personalized approach for kids learning to code. This relies on great people, rather than assuming there is a perfect curriculum that fits every student.

Let’s meet a few of them!

New Kids Coding Mentors

  • Ayushi Tandel (Stanford) – Ayushi grew up in the Bay Area and is like a cool big sister to the students she works with. Ayushi is interested in going into biocomputation after college and has experience using Python with massive healthcare datasets. With Breakout Mentors students the projects may be a little simpler, but she is wonderful at making it fun!
  • Lexi Kuppersmith (Stanford) – Lexi is a Master’s student at Stanford studying Computer Science with a specialization in Networks and Cybersecurity. She works with some of the most advanced Breakout Mentors students, introducing them to exciting new areas like how wireless information is sent and how hacking works!
  • Calvin Hansen (Stanford) – Calvin hails from New York City before making Stanford his home. It’s tough to summarize him in one paragraph because he has so many unique interests: studying Chemistry, conversational in Mandarin, hobby of theater production, and helping teenagers learn advanced web development and machine learning with Breakout Mentors!
  • Naama Bareket (UC Berkeley) – Naama is a junior at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She excels with a wide range of Breakout Mentors students, from the youngest 8 year-olds doing Scratch drag-and-drop coding to a girl over the summer preparing to enter AP CS.
  • Franklin Sperka (Stanford) – Frankie is from Milwaukee and fairly new to coding himself, but picked up Scratch drag-and-drop coding very quickly in order to work with the youngest Breakout Mentors students. He is high energy and fun, while still keeping students focused and challenged throughout the sessions!

More of our 50+ mentors here.

Weekly Mentor or Short-Term Workshop

The most valuable thing for coders is to continue learning over months or years. That’s why our primary offering has always been a weekly 1-on-1 session with the same mentor.

However over Thanksgiving and Winter breaks, we have a unique opportunity this year. Several of our mentors (including Lexi above) are available to create a private or small group workshop for your son or daughter. For example, if out of school for Thanksgiving week, meet 3 hours per day over video conference, the equivalent of half a school day.

Last Chance for Our Free USACO Coding Competition

Sunday November 15, Breakout Mentors is running a free event to introduce high school students to coding competitions, specifically to prepare for USACO in December. It is open to middle school students as well. If your son or daughter can code, these will be fun challenges and will be a gentle introduction by receiving support from our mentors.

We are closing signups in just a few days, learn more here and register here.

Happy Coding!

If you’d like to discuss your unique situation and if Breakout Mentors can help, please schedule a phone call with our Founder Brian Skinner.

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 05 Nov