Meet Our Mentors – Annie Tsai

Annie is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Music. Before starting with Breakout Mentors she had a lot of experience working with kids, including at a summer coding camp. She is excellent at simplifying Python for her students so they can learn at the perfect pace.

When did you start to code?

I started programming when I was in my spring semester of freshman year in college. I actually disliked it initially because I found it confusing and difficult, but after completing my first class project and seeing what code could do, I was excited to continue learning the subject. Today, I am incredibly glad I stuck it through the hard parts because there’s so much you can do with code and I’m excited to see where it takes us in the future!

Why is it important for kids to start coding when young?

In the three years that I’ve been coding, I’ve built things I never even dreamed of making. Imagine the things young kids could build by the time they’re adults with several years of coding experience under their belts! Besides the awesome projects you create, learning to code at a young age also teaches valuable logic and reasoning skills that can help in almost any academic discipline. These are skills that will stay with you throughout your life and help you think quickly on your feet.

What advice do you have for kids learning to code?

Stick with it! Believe me, I know it’s rough at times, but it’ll pay off in the end. Additionally, realize that everyone gets stuck at some point, so don’t be afraid to get help, whether that be from Google or your mentor/teacher. We’ve all asked the same questions that you’re asking before, and we’re more than happy to help!