Meet Our Mentors – Bronwyn Early


Bronwyn is a sophomore at Stanford and originally from Seattle. She is excellent with young kids, partially thanks to all her experience as a violin instructor and camp counselor. Bronwyn has top notch technical skills, but chose to work with some of Breakout Mentors youngest students in Scratch to provide a fun first introduction to coding!

When did you start programming?

I started programming only when I came to Stanford! I had no experience in computer science, but I had a teacher and several friends tell me that it would most likely be something I enjoyed. Sure enough, they were right!

What do you find rewarding about teaching kids how to program?

I love giving kids exposure to one of the best “toolkits” that we can have today. They are eager to learn, and it so exciting when a concept clicks!

What is your favorite game or project you have created with a student?

I loved creating a rock paper scissors game! We customized it to be much more exciting than a regular rock paper scissors.

What advice do you have for kids learning how to program?

Be confident in your own ideas and in your own ability to learn new things. If I can start learning at age 19, you can learn so much more!