Meet Our Mentors – Cole DePasquale

Cole joined Breakout Mentors his junior year and finds time in his busy schedule to work with kids learning to code. In addition to studying Computer Science at Stanford, Cole is on the varsity wrestling team, and he secured a prestigious internship at Apple.

When did you start to code?

I began coding during my first quarter at Stanford University. It was the autumn of 2015, and I was 19 years old.

Why is it important for kids to start coding when young?

It’s essential to begin learning how to code, like anything, at a young age in order to instill good habits early on. Decomposing programs, commenting, and debugging require much repetition in order to perfect!

What advice do you have for kids learning how to code?

Try to have fun with it – you shouldn’t treat this program as a race to see how quickly you can complete assignments! Take a minute to appreciate what you are learning, and enjoy the products that you create.