Meet Our Mentors – Harshitha Ramesh

Meet Our Mentors – Harshitha Ramesh

Harshitha is a sophomore at Stanford studying Symbolic Systems and very involved in performing arts on campus. This fall, she is cast as Rona Lisa Peretti in Stanford Asian American Theater Project’s musical production, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Harshitha joined Breakout Mentors in September and is paired with our youngest students teaching Scratch. Her smile and encouraging approach definitely make it fun for the student. Let’s hear a little more from her!

When did you start programming?

I started programming a little over a year ago as a freshman, and I really enjoyed the challenges my programming assignments presented. I had never programmed before I came to Stanford and was pleasantly surprised by how the introductory classes made it approachable to beginners.

Why is it important for kids to learn programming?

Programming is not just about computers; it is a great way to develop problem solving skills that carry over to many different fields of interest. It stretches your logical capabilities and shapes the way you think about the world. The younger you start, the longer you have to hone your problem solving skills.

What advice to you have to kids learning how to program?

My main advice to kids is that while learning to program well can take time, it’s worth it if you keep at it because it is fun and challenging. It’s ok ask for help and ask other people for ideas if you are stuck. Even the best programmers in the world seek advice from others!

Posted by Brian Skinner / Posted on 02 Nov