Meet Our Mentors – Ruhi Pudipeddi

Ruhi is a senior at UC Berkeley with an impressive coding background – she had an internship with Lyft writing machine learning software for self-driving and has taught blockchain technology for huge enterprises. She works with Python students for Breakout Mentors and is excellent at maintaining a high bar for her students, while giving them the support necessary!

Why is it important for kids to start coding when young?

Learning to code while young provides kids with a logical framework and problem-solving mindset that is invaluable when approaching any type of math or coding based problems later in life. It’s super helpful to develop the ability early, because it really gives them the tools to approach problems in a structured but creative way.

What is your favorite game or project you have created with a student?

My favorite project I’ve done with a student so far was a Pacman game we made from scratch! He built everything from the graphics parts to the character movements to the scoring. It was really fun to work on it from the ground up!

What advice do you have for kids learning how to code?

My advice for kids learning to code: work on stuff you actually like and want to work on, but make sure it’s challenging. Don’t try to build a project you’re not interested in but make sure it’s just hard enough to keep you hooked.